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Progressive Platform

Promote equal opportunity and social justice in America through active participation and support of the Democratic Party and other progressive organizations

We believe that no person willing to work should live in poverty in the richest nation in the world, therefore we support:
- an adequate minimum wage
- revising a tax system that now values capital over work
- the elimination of poverty

We believe in a balance of power between workers and corporation, therefore we support:
- fixing NAFTA and the WTO
- worker rights in all nations
- organized labor
- protecting whistle blowers

We believe every child deserves a fair start in life and a good education, therefore we support:
- proper funding for No Child Left Behind
- full funding for public education
- investing in our youth
- access for funding for daycare and preschool programs

We believe a government of the people, by the people, for the people has a significant role to play in our lives, therefore we support:
- universal health care
- consumer protections
- responsive government
- a government that is accountable to its citizens

We believe in respectful, active participation in the community of nations and therefore we support:
- peace between all peoples
- restoring respect in the world for our nation
- the United Nations
- human rights throughout the world
- opposition to the war in Iraq

We value freedom of speech and the right of privacy, therefore we support:
- stopping media takeovers and equal access to the media
- protecting the right of dissent
- fixing the Patriot Act

We value equality for all, including equal opportunities in education, employment, health care and protection under the law, and therefore we support:
- affirmative action
- complete equality for GLBT
- gender equity in the workplace

We believe in defending our way of life and supporting those who take up that service, therefore we support:
- making war only as a last resort and only to defend ourselves
- our troops and hold our leadership accountable

We value and respect the elderly, therefore we believe:
- in the full funding of Social Security at age 65.
- in resisting the privatization of Social Security
- in providing affordable prescription drugs

We believe it is our moral responsibility to preserve the world we live in for future generations, therefore we support:
- developing alternative energy sources
- controlling land use and preserving environmental protections
- adopting the Kyoto Accords

We believe that personal family and lifestyle decisions are best made by our citizens and not by the government, therefore we support:
- women's reproductive rights
- complete equality for GLBT
- strict separation of church and state
- freedom of worship

We believe every vote should count and therefore our government must:
- provide unified federal standards for national elections
- allow same day registration for all Americans
- require a paper record for all electronic voting systems
- end partisan oversight of the election process
- extend voting permits
- provide instant runoff voting and proportional representation