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November Events

Friday, November 4th
11:00 AM
The Flint NAACP & UAW Local 599 Civil Rights Committee will hold a service to reflect on the life of Rosa Parks, mother of the Civil Rights Movement. The service will be held at:
Vernon Chapel AME
5802 Dupont, Flint, MI  48505
Rev Garrison, Pastor 


for additional information contact:

Jean Adams, UAW Local 599 Civil Rights Chairperson

810 238-1616 ext. 28

Frances Gillcrest, Flint NAACP President  

810 640 1757


Rev Garrison, Pastor

AME Methodist

810 785-5721


Ron Winters
UAW Local 599
812 Leith St.
Flint, MI  48505
(810) 238-1616 ext. 30

Saturday, November 5th
10 AM - 3PM
LARA - Non-violent communication workshop
Learn how to bridge communication gaps in a faith-based context
at Woodside Church, Court St., Flint

Wednesday, November 9th
6:30 PM
Genesee County Admnistration Building

Thursday, November 10th
FAN- Faith Action Network
associated with the AFSC and LBGT
Pot-luck get aquainted meeting at Woodside Church, Court St., Flint

Sunday, November 13th
1:00 PM
Robert Greenwald's documentary about Wal-Mart
UAW Local 659. The first showing will be at 1:00 p.m. and shown continuously with the last show starting at 5:00 p.m.
Free pop and popcorn! This event is hosted by the Union Label and Education Committees of Local 659.

Monday, November 14th
6:30 - 8:30PM

Sunday, November 20th
5:00 PM
Reception 5-6PM $100
Dinner 6PM $65