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VA Hospitals Write to Veterans

Please Write To a Veteran

Send a letter to a veteran once a month thanking them for their service to this country and for your freedom. There are over 900 veterans living at these Veteran’s homes. Most of those Veterans are residents of Michigan. Many of them are 70-80 years old. A letter or a card each month makes their lives worth living. Many of them do not get any mail from their families or friends.
Letters or cards may be sent to the following addresses:

To A Veteran                                                  
Grand Rapids Veteran Home
Monroe Ave., N. W.
Grand Rapids
, MI 49505-3397

(800) 642-4838

To A Veteran
Aleda Lutz VAMC
1.500 Weiss St. Rm.135
Saginaw, MI 48602
(800) 406-5143

To A Veteran
D. J. Jacobetti Veterans Home
425 Fisher St.
Marquette, MI 49855-4595

(800) 433-6760

Location of Nearest VA Hospital
WEB Site:

Click: Facility Locator or call 800 827-1000
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